A wonderfull way to strenghten your spiritual connection!

The aim of an SEKHEM All-Love class is to establish a direct connection with the energy of Source, or Creator.
Our class is called ALL-LOVE because the most common experience is that of the Spiritual Heart Initiation that most all participants experience; however, it is not limited to only that.

The most common expression is "I did not expect that!"
For many the All-Love experience is the most incredible experience of a lifetime.
This has been true for many who have been on the path for a long time.
Many experienced teachers have noticed a huge shift in the way they teach after the class. 
What normally may take a lifetime of spiritual discipline can unfold within minutes. How is this possible one may ask? It is truly a gift!


In the evolution of our All Love classes there is more space and time for experimentation, opening up, sharing love, friendship  and unblocking to totally receive what is needed in this time-space at this moment in our life!

What happens in an All Love Class?

In theory:

The alignment between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; 
The alignment between the superior bodies with the physical body;
The anchoring of the the energy of love and opening of the heart chakra;
The recognition and embracing of our shadow;
The redetermination of negative past events;
Spontaneous initiations / Heart openings
The anchoring of the soul energy in our physical bodies;
The student’s empowerment and the awakening to self-mastery.


 We work with your energy and your connection to Source!

In practice:

In an All Love workshop, we have the opportunity to understand life as a teacher and its inescapable teachings as evolution tools through self-knowledge and understand how our past affects our daily life, influencing our thoughts and emotions. Repeating itself through recurrent emotions, thoughts and attitudes even when we no longer wish to behave, think nor feel the way – sometimes – we do.

It allow us to see clearly how everything that happens around us is a mirroring what is going on inside ourselves making it possible to rebuild our reality from the only thing we actually are able change in this life: Ourselves

It is a workshop composed by practical exercises that aim to bring us into alignment with our true nature as we let go of expectations, start living in the present moment and allow our inherent wisdom to flow naturally. That makes us feel more confident in ourselves and more capable of dealing undisturbedly with the unknown while we awake our intuition and a consciousness more aligned to our truth.

As consequence we can see a higher understanding blossom, the opening of new interior paths being reflected as new opportunities in life, an increasing sensibility and a subsequent spontaneous rising of answers to recurrent questions in our lives, a more harmonious and peaceful way of living with more joy, lightness and confidence that can be perceived by anyone – touching their hearts and causing a positive impact on our environment and on everyone around.







        The question is: "Are you allowing yourself to be loved"?

The All Love classes are from a basic 2 day class to a 7 day class or retreat.

A basic All Love SEKHEM workshop is a two day experience from 10:30-17:30 on Saturday and Sunday and is the minimum requirement for joining a class!

In the first day things may be touched and recognised which can be transformed the next day, that's why it is important to complete this 2 day class. 

We also offer eveningclasses as a choice!

         Extended Classes


Each Class is a Unique Experience!

What is the differences between All Love 2 day, 4 day & 8 day retreat?
In all classes the All-Love Quickening occurs. The energy is never held back or divided into levels or degrees.This also includes two hour or one day introductions.
The Quickening is the Initiation of the Soul energy descending into the divine heart. It is one of the most blissful experiences we can have on this planet. This experience allows us to feel directly our oneness with all.
Afterward you will always retain this knowing.
The two day class will facilitate the Quickening of the Heart. In that class several methods will be presented to help clear blocked energy to facilitate the quickening in a deeper way.
The four day class, is for those that wish to have a deeper experience and connection with the Cosmic Wave of Love. This class is also for those that wish to learn how to facilitate the Quickening in others.
The Eight Day Retreat is for those that wish to ground the All Love vibration fully into every cell of their being.
It is eight straight days of being fully immersed in this divine vibration.
Most all participants experience a life changing connection to the vibration of the universe.
I know from my own experience the eight day retreat unfolded the most powerful in body experience of my life.
Even though there are no levels with All Love, each class is a unique experience. With each class a new experience of direct knowledge occurs. Even for myself I experience a new perspective of the vibration in each class I teach.
The Energy itself is our best teacher.
All love



If you read the testemonials and interviews on the website you can get a good idea what the workshop is about and what it can mean for you.

The All Love class  is very intuitive and experimental and these examples may be introduced. We focus more on what happens in a class and what is needed then to just follow a certain schedule or plan! The plan is helping you, in whichever way we can.


Group Introductions
All-Love template description
Identification of expectations and possible blocks
Group experience of All-Love Meditations on the 3 Axis
3 Axis being Heaven-Earth, Male-Female, Past-Future
All-Love Healing process
Instructions of working with group energy
Attunement and Initiation support
Individual experience and instruction on supporting
Demonstration of Healing Process


Sharing and questions
Group energy integration
Grounding the energy
Healing Emotional energy blockages
Advanced individual session
Infinity Dance experience
Group Meditation and experience of All-Love
Integration of group energy and dynamics
Group initiations and closing of circle

Because of the dynamic setup of the SEKHEM class, 
the class template may differ in order or sequence.




"Even though mental, emotional and physical healing do take place the ALL LOVE class is not recommended for people currently being medicated or have serious mental and emotional problems. The class is designed for mentally healthy people who wish to strengthen their awareness to source".


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Schermafbeelding 2019-02-20 om 13.22.14.

For me the Sekhem workshop has been really a great experience. the room was full of energy; I saw the white and blue light; saw stars as well. Wow!!! I love this group of people!! so much love in the air.....

I had some idea of what I could expect from the workshop but it had more impact on me than I expected.
I felt the energy coming from above and below en they both merged in my heart! It was very strong en touched me emotionally. I had the feeling of standing in a beam of light, like there was a sun above my head.
The connection with the group was very strong, as if we stood together in the sun. 
The approach of All Love towards healing really appeals to me. With Reiki I learned, that through me I could give another person energy. All Love SEKHEM is a method that supports another in his "own" energy.
It stimulates to retrieve the healing and strength from your self, and for me it feels like a very respectful and loving healing-method.

-I see an angel, you're so beautiful, beautiful......
-This is not what I expected at all, WOW.......
-is this real?....
-I am the Universe, I Am love
-I Am strong and so big, I feel, I feel...
-The most intens workshop I ever been too...

¡Que experincia tan bonita! Para mí fue mágica, única, irrepetible. Un grupo cargado de tanto y tanto para para dar que rebosaba la sala. Gracias Michael y Carolina por haber venido y haber traído tanto all love. ¡Nos veremos pronto! Y gracias David por tu ayuda incondicional. Eres bueno, muy bueno, sí Gracias a todo el grupo porque sin el grupo no hubiera sido tan fácil poder conectar con esa energía. Se sintió la unión y la gran ayuda de todos.
¡Un abrazo grande y all love !

We had a really wonderful All-Love class in the Netherlands last weekend. Very deep emotional healings, past life regressions, heart openings, emotional re-connections and just, tenderness and light!
Thank you all,

El taller All-Love de este pasado fin de semana en Holanda ha sido realmente maravilloso. Sanaciones emocionales muy profundas, regresiones a vidas pasadas, aperturas del corazón, reconexiones emocionales y simplemente ..... luz, ternura y amor en abundancia!
Gracias a todos/as, All-Love!

Michael navacerada.jpg