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Michael Heemskerk About SEKHEM ALL LOVE.


Michael Heemskerk is a SEKHEM ALL LOVE teacher.
He introduced Patrick Zeigler and SEKHEM to Europe in 2000.
He composed and produced the ALL-LOVE SEKHEM SHENU MEDITATION, DNA Meditation and the Ascension Meditation together with Patrick Zeigler. He teaches  ALL LOVE SEKHEM classes globally. 

I had been working as a REIKI teacher and spiritual healer since 1989 and throughout these years developed a form of treatment and healing where I just guided the person into a meditative state to help them open up and then guided them to allow healing energies light and love to come in to come in to heal them.

In 1999, I was searching the internet one day for the ‘original’ Reiki symbols. Many different versions existed, so I wanted to find the correct way to draw them. I stumbled across a site that showed a symbol I’d never seen before. Basically, it was one of the Reiki symbols, the Cho Ku Rei, with an Infinity symbol added on. Apparently, it was called Cho Ku Ret, and the website associated it with someone called Patrick Zeigler.

Reading further, I discovered that he had created a new system called SEICHIM, after experiencing a spontaneous initiation in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

When I came across another article about SEICHIM, I found his email address and decided to write to him. I sent him an email asking if he could tell me about the Cho Ku Ret, and whether he knew about the Ta Ku Rei, which is another Reiki symbol with an Infinity symbol added.

He wrote back, simply saying that he didn’t use symbols anymore. No symbols? I couldn’t understand it! I was so caught up in the way the Reiki system was traditionally taught, that it had never crossed my mind that we didn’t need to use the symbols.

I asked him how he initiated people, and he told me that, instead of an initiation, he used a flowing meditation.
I wrote back, asking him how that went, and he sent me a short, one-page meditation, and a picture of the Seichim Shenu.

I printed it out, and asked him if I could call him sometime.
He agreed, and we exchanged phone numbers.

That evening, lying in my bedroom, I decided to read through the meditation he’d sent me. But, as I picked it up, I thought, ‘Why not just do it?’
So I started to read the first lines. Suddenly my crown chakra popped open, a huge energy came in, and went through the whole of my body. It took me completely by surprise! I was swept away in a really unbelievable “sea of love.’ I just started to float. I was totally connected with everything.

Everything from my past, the, all the things that had happened to me - all these feelings came passing by, encompassing me, and filling me totally with this “feeling of Love.” I found it an incredibly moving experience.

I stayed like this all night. I was in awe of what was happening to me, but at the same time, it all felt so natural. At six o’clock in the morning, still awake, I started to wonder how I could give this to my students. I was already teaching Reiki and doing spiritual healing with groups. Suddenly, an apparition appeared before me. It was a woman in white, with a beautiful white dress and wild, floating, white hair, and she was drawing this V symbol. It looked like she was drawing the outline of a vase. I didn’t understand, and asked, ‘Can you give me a symbol to initiate people with this energy?’ Again she drew the vase symbol. I still didn’t understand what she was doing, so I just let it go, and kept on feeling this unbelievable feeling of Love, ALL-LOVE.

In the afternoon  when I got him on the phone, I told him what had happened, and he said, ‘Well, that’s it. This is how it works - this is the initiation!’ I said ‘Well, it’s a bit simple,’ and he replied, ‘Yes, that’s how it goes. If you’re ready for it, it will happen.’ You will start to work with it. I told him about the woman, and the vase, and at first he didn’t understand what I was saying. 
But then he replied, ‘Oh, the symbol represents the Heart.

In Egypt, the vase is the symbol for the 'Heart ’.

Suddenly I understood what the woman in white had meant. To give this experience to my students, I just had to help open their hearts!

I was so impressed by what had happened, and I felt so good, that I asked Patrick if he would be interested in coming to Europe. If he did a class in Holland, I would be able to share this with all my students. He agreed to come, and said that it was something that he’d been wanting to do for a long time.

So, in March 2000, Patrick came to Holland, for the first SEKHEM class ever to be given in Europe.
In the workshop I experienced that what he was doing was very similar to how the way I treated people had evolved, but he focused more on the heart as the center of healing.


Michael Heemskerk


In our workshops and session we don't
restrict energy, what must come will come.
It will always be as much as you are
comfortable with as it is your energy we work with and your connection to Source.


It all depends on what is necessary for you in this time and space in your life at this moment!.

If we don't restrict ourselves and unblock
all preconceptions, visions and expectations, 
wonderfull things may happen, some of which

you never had expected at all. 

All is centered through Love, All Love!

Michael Heemskerk Self-realisation credo
Michael Heemskerk, Patrick Zeigler, Antonio Moraga
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