SEKHEM ALL LOVE private sessions


We offer SEKHEM ALL LOVE private sessions for those who want to get a deeper and more personal experience with the energy.
Together we will work to achieve the highest healing that you are allowing yourself to receive at this moment in your life!
-Expect the unexpected!

The Sessions usually take 45 minutes but can be extended if needed.

We also offer online sessions through: Skype, Signal, Facetime,

--The online process is the same as with the one to one sessions or the workshops  we work with your energy and it's always connected to you and source.

All-Love Michael Group MadridFILIMING_TH

For me the Sekhem workshop has been really a great experience. the room was full of energy; I saw the white and blue light; saw stars as well. Wow!!! I love this group of people!! so much love in the air.....