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ALL LOVE Workshops and Retreats
with Michael Heemskerk

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The Netherlands October, 7 & 8 2023
Times: Sat & Sun 10:30-17:15
2 days, Coffee & Tea  included.


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For me the ALL LOVE Sekhem workshop with Michael and Carolina has really been a great experience. the room was full of energy; I saw the white and blue light; saw stars as well.  so much love in the air.....

I had some idea of what I could expect from the workshop but it had more impact on me than I expected.
I felt the energy coming from above and below en they both merged in my heart! It was very strong en touched me emotionally. I had the feeling of standing in a beam of light, like there was a sun above my head.
The connection with the group was very strong, as if we stood together in the sun. 
The approach of All Love towards healing really appeals to me. With Reiki I learned, that through me I could give another person energy. All Love SEKHEM is a method that supports another in his "own" energy.
It stimulates to retrieve the healing and strength from your self, and for me it feels like a very respectful and loving healing-method.

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