ALL LOVE Workshops and Retreats Michael Heemskerk

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Delft, The Netherlands Dec, 2022
Times: Sat & Sun 10-30-17:15
2 days, Coffee & Tea  included.

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For me the ALL LOVE Sekhem workshop with Michael and Carolina has really been a great experience. the room was full of energy; I saw the white and blue light; saw stars as well. Wow!!! I love this group of people!! so much love in the air.....

I had some idea of what I could expect from the workshop but it had more impact on me than I expected.
I felt the energy coming from above and below en they both merged in my heart! It was very strong en touched me emotionally. I had the feeling of standing in a beam of light, like there was a sun above my head.
The connection with the group was very strong, as if we stood together in the sun. 
The approach of All Love towards healing really appeals to me. With Reiki I learned, that through me I could give another person energy. All Love SEKHEM is a method that supports another in his "own" energy.
It stimulates to retrieve the healing and strength from your self, and for me it feels like a very respectful and loving healing-method.



With the help of Michael and his gorgeous supporting wife Carolina I was safe.
This hurt inner child finally felt safe to open up, to feel and release. I was in a sacred safe space, something I didn't even knew could exist. I was held in a space of love, I saw images of my inner hurt child and could express, an expression which turned into shouting, screaming, tearing up, crying and releasing pain I was holding in for so long. I was holding for so long it became a part of me, so what is gonna happen if I let go ? What could I expect ? So there I was, in my pain hearing the voice of Michael, guiding me even deeper, asking me questions, pushing me gentle into it .. which feels like loosing the ground under your feet. Feeling more and more, waves are crushing in and it's dark - Back in time, back in memories, back in a sensation of loneliness helplessness and paralysed in fear.
The soft voice of Carolina like an angel knowing exactly how to support you in this moment, to hug and to give love to this pain, to see it because all it wants is to be seen, taken care of and you feel the pain is slowing down, acknowledged and is transforming.Many times I literally could see with my inner eye the pain transforming, the healing, the bliss and gift of letting go. To sit with it, to create space for it, to watch and embrace, to talk to it and breathe with it. The both of them truly care from their heart and are holding such an incredible healing space.The All Love Workshop is different from all, there is no schedule or guideline, each time is different and new .. what happens, happens if you are ready and allow yourself to fully let go you will experience magic and alchemy. I could go on a lot more and even more specific details to describe my experience according to what I saw but you know what's best - create your own experience and be open for an immense shift in your whole perspective.Give yourself the gift, heal through love, connect with your spirit and maybe you'll see and feel your truest highest self arriving. Coming home - being whole and complete, full of pure joy, peace, happiness and love - your very existence. I'm deeply filled with gratitude.

Last night I listened to the all love Sekhem shenu meditation and this morning I’ve just finished listening to it now. It’s so beautiful.
The music is so magical. I just had to tell you as I finish that today I got the understanding why I am here and it’s overwhelming.

Thank you for being part of this new phase, and thank you again for helping clear the signs of the path to follow.
See you in Delft!

-I see an angel, you're so beautiful, beautiful......
-This is not what I expected at all, WOW.......
-is this real?....
-I am the Universe, I Am love
-I Am strong and so big, I feel, I feel...
-The most intens workshop I ever been too...

¡Que experincia tan bonita! Para mí fue mágica, única, irrepetible. Un grupo cargado de tanto y tanto para para dar que rebosaba la sala. Gracias Michael y Carolina por haber venido y haber traído tanto all love. ¡Nos veremos pronto! Y gracias David por tu ayuda incondicional. Eres bueno, muy bueno, sí Gracias a todo el grupo porque sin el grupo no hubiera sido tan fácil poder conectar con esa energía. Se sintió la unión y la gran ayuda de todos.
¡Un abrazo grande y all love !

El taller All-Love de este pasado fin de semana en Holanda ha sido realmente maravilloso. Sanaciones emocionales muy profundas, regresiones a vidas pasadas, aperturas del corazón, reconexiones emocionales y simplemente ..... luz, ternura y amor en abundancia!
Gracias a todos/as, All-Love!