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Interview with Michael Heemskerk by David Gardyn. Februari 2014

What is All Love?

ALL LOVE is the total re-connection to Source, Love, the Universe, or, as some people experience  it, God! It is the realignment of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body into one unified body connecting to the ALL.


What is the main target in an All Love workshop?

To help people establish this re-connection by supporting them to find what it is that is withholding them from that (re)connection to Source. To help them find why they are not allowing themselves to be loved, why they are not happy and why they can't express how they really feel, and also why they are not able to give or share Love. In the class we try to help them opening up for every possibility that is there for them, and help them realize that they have a choice in this. The workshop is created to give a safe space and place where they can experience and explore their deepest feelings with the support of the group.

Most of us have not learnt to express our true feelings in a given situation, and in the course of our lives we have been repressing what we really felt because of that. This may cause feelings of fear, doubting, false judgement, insecurities, hate, self hate and even eventually may cause an illness. It will influence the choices that you make. When we create energy as a thought or an emotion, may it be anger, love, or any other energy, it needs to be expressed in one way or another. Because once created you cannot un-create this energy, it cannot disappear. The energy needs to flow and be expressed, if it is not expressed it will just stay in the body, and mostly in the places of the body that are the weakest or most vulnerable. So it is easy to see that that may cause illnesses in the long term.


What is SEKHEM?

SEKHEM is the name the ancient Egyptians gave to this system of spiritual healing and re-connective power that they worked with in that time. It means higher power, higher source or place of the Gods and is always meant in a sacred way. The main focus though is the reconnection and opening of the Heart.

We don't emphasize the Egyptian heritage, because if we determine what ALL-LOVE is, we will restrict it and there can be no evolution, expansion or growth. ALL-LOVE is the name we use now.


How would you encourage people to take a class and why people should take a class?

I would tell them to just give it a try. It’s a perfect occasion for a person to experience a 2 or 2-7 day healing workshop where they can release the energy that no longer serves them and that is keeping them from being happy, and in complete harmony with themselves. It is also a great way to make friends!

In addition, people will also be able to support and to help heal others when they've done this class. It really is very simple. ALL-LOVE can also be used in the same way as REIKI, there is a way to connect and channel ALL-LOVE and apply hands on healing to a person. It is just channelling the energy.

What can people expect from an All Love Class?

Anything, it all depends on what they are willing to allow to happen, sometimes people are not aware that they have a choice in what they want to achieve. An ALL-LOVE teacher is there to look for all possibilities to help a person to find what is necessary for that person at this moment in time and space. Anything can happen, to a re-living of a former life, reconnection to Source (initiation), being in The All Light, seeing loved ones who have passed away, to seeing Angels, feeling totally in bliss, standing in a collumn of pure love and light and just being happy, feeling friendship and feel FREE.

There is only one question that is important while doing a class or personal session: "What is it that this person needs the most at this time and place".
A person may not even know what he or she needs, but they will find out in the class if they allow it. It will surface through their self-exploration and with the help from our meditations, sounds and work.

The great thing about ALL-LOVE is that the energy comes to you in the form you are most comfortable with, so it can be many things. The simplest thing this class can do for you is, to help you find your true natural expression and enhance your natural talents.


What if a person does not want to work on his/her own blocked emotions within an All Love Class?

That is their choice of course, we can not decide for a person what they want to do in the class, we can only help them understand what it is they are doing at this point and give them a guidance and support to try to help to solve what ever is blocking them at this time. Some people want to look at what is happening in the class first before they decide to open up and Join in and allow the energy to flow.
But if a person goes into an initiation or process as we call it, another person may just as well go into initiation also, because the same vibration is within them both. It works like this: if one tuning fork is activated and is held very close to another tuning fork that has not been activated, the other tuning fork will start to vibrate in the same frequency even if it has not been touched, that is one aspect of how ALL-LOVE works.

It has happened that a person wanted to leave at some point during the class. Most of the time that means that this person is very close to an initiation or release or feels the fear or grief coming in and they don't want to experience that or do not want to experience that again. We try to help them understand what they are doing, stimulate them to stay and sometimes support them with the whole group at the same time. Usually they will go into what we call; a process and have a release and/or initiation. And afterwards, they are very, very happy that they didn’t leave.

Sometimes in classes every person in the group is in a state of connection at the same time and that is a truly wonderful experience and feeling for everyone.

We are all connected! We are all One!

People often ask if All Love is a valid tool to apply on their support to others on therapy, what is your advice on this?

Of course it is. It may be the only tool you need to help people to heal.


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We all have emotions and some of us do not know how to deal with them at all, in fact sometimes people don't even know that they have these emotions that are stuck deep within them, or they are not feeling anything at all.
In ALL-LOVE we allow any emotion there is, to be experienced at the fullest to find what is really happening on the inside and at the inner core of this person.

You can know or find out through therapy that your father has been a very bad father and that he was violent towards you and that you have emotional pain from that. And it may explain why you do certain things and make certain choices, but it doesn't solve what is there. You learn to LIVE with it and give it a place, but we feel in ALL-LOVE that the emotion or the pain you felt at the very first time of these experiences, has to be expressed, to release the energy that is connected to it, and that has been stuck inside of you for so long. And after it has been experienced, expressed and released, there can be this space, and an opening again for something else, something new, something like LOVE or something you choose! If you don't release it, it will stay there, and you will not be able to express who you really are, and how you really feel, into the world.

You only have to answer 3 questions: What is it that I really need, and what is it that I really want, and how can I achieve these things? Most of the times the answer is by reconnecting to the heart and through LOVE! Listen to your hearts desire and what your heart wants to say to you.


How can I keep on working with All Love after a Class?

Just do the ALL-LOVE SHENU meditation or any other meditation and trust the energy. Take into practice what you have seen, experienced and learned in the class, or just ask for help! Call an ALL-LOVE Teacher and do a session or ask for material from your teacher, we have a meditation in different languages or a meditation on paper, there are many ways, and there is a lot of material available on the internet. There are also books, one of them: "Energy Works, Initiation without a master". Is a good one. isbn-10 1905047525 isbn-13 978-1905047529. From Graham Crook and Teresa Parrott.

There are also many ALL-LOVE meditations given in your country, attend them, join people who work with ALL-LOVE. Connect on the internet, Facebook. And start to work with other people including yourself, that is a great way of learning and sharing.


What kind of things could happen to me after an All Love Class, and to other people in my environment?

You may experience the same things you have experienced in the class, or you may just go into an initiation, express your feelings, just anything can happen. Just allow it to happen, ask for help. You may also just feel great, relaxed, happy laugh all the time, cry or realize that you have been so restricted all these years. You may feel FREE!

Sometimes after a class you can get a "back in the old situation" experience when you get home. Remember, other people you live with have not done the class, and that may cause a bit of a problem sometimes. But if you explain to them that you want some time on your own and some space, it can help.

In any case just do what you have learned in the class, connect to your heart and connect to Source or Love. You can do it, anyone can do it. It is a natural state of being.

Other people may also get into a process or initiation just because they are with you or because they touch you after a class, that’s a phenomenon that happens. It’s the vibration inside of you connecting to the other person’s vibration inside. If it happens do what have seen and done in the class, explain them what is happening and trust the energy, just be a friend!


What is the perfect advice to enjoy an All Love workshop and to get the most of it?

To go to the class and think: Well, let's see what happens! Just be open for possibilities, things may happen that you just didn't expect at all. See it as a new experience and just feel, be open for change, friendship, sharing and LOVE!


Interview with Michael Heemskerk by David Gardyn. Februari 2014

Michael Heemskerk is an ALL-LOVE SEKHEM teacher and teaches workshops and give private sessions around the globe.
He introduced  Patrick Zeigler and ALL-LOVE SEKHEM in Europe in 2000 and works, composes and produces meditations with Patrick Zeigler.

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