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Reasons for not joining an ALL-LOVE Class.

One of the most important decisions is deciding whether to attend an ALL-LOVE class or not. Attending the class can be a life changing experience for many, while for others it can bring up many unresolved emotions. It is import to be prepared and know what the class is about. There are times when we have one or two people who have attended the class thinking that the class was something completely different from what they had expected. Since our class is very much a group oriented class it is important that all participants work together. Many times when one person decides they do not want to be in the class, he or she can affect the whole group.

I have no more issues to work on.

One of the biggest blocks to our growth is the mind holding the belief that we have no issues. 
Many get confused with just being happy and accepting and loving the way we are and this can lead to a state of denial of our suppressed feelings. In the attempt to be more spiritual a person will put on an act of being spiritual rather than allow their true feeling to be expressed. Many issue are buried quite deep, when the feelings are buried so deep it gives the illusion of not having particular feelings. 

We call this being out of touch and it leads just being in your head, being in the head is very safe because you really do not have to feel. When a person is basically stuck in their head they have very little emotional feeling from the neck down. Once this numbness takes over, many feel they have actually accomplished a great spiritual feat. The idea of loosing ones emotions or not having emotions is somehow related to being a higher vibration, it is really just not being in the body.

What the person forgets is that Love is strongly connected to our emotions and when one emotion is cut off the feeling of love one experiences in his/her heart is also diminished. If you are truly feeling your heart, your heart will feel so big you will hardly feel you can contain it! These blockages literally put feelings into deep freeze in the body. The feelings are basically stored in the body and may eventually cause physical problems if they are just ignored.

I do not like working in a group environment.

Many people have a fear of working with a group of people. This is a perfectly normal feeling and it is important to be aware of this feeling. Keep in mind that the resistance to working with others in a group is a fear and once you experience that fear fully it will not have any power over you any more. During this time working together is most important, it will be through working together as a group that our higher levels of enlightenment will be reached. If we hold on to our resistance to working with others then how can we be in oneness?

I have no Anger.
Anger is natural feeling that we all possess; it is in all of us. Many will put negative judgment on anger because of the destructiveness repressed anger can cause. There are many belief systems that condone being in an angry state, so since many wish to be more spiritual they simply bury their anger deep within. Anger can be express in a very positive way. The destructiveness comes when anger is held in for long amounts of time then a huge burst comes out like a raging storm. The emotion itself is not destructive only not expressing it in an appropriate way. When someone says they have no anger it is a good example of denial. Once a person acknowledges they have anger then their healing process can begin. If they deny they have anger it becomes very difficult to start any emotional healing process.

I only work with Love and Light.

There are many belief systems that encourage people to look only look at the positive part of the self. This belief can be beneficial in some areas of ones life, as a positive attitude will attract more positive experience into your life. There is a big down side to this as well, a double edge sword. 

That aspect is once a person becomes so focused on the positive parts of who they are; the aspects that they do not like and judge about themselves the most become buried on a very deep level and become very difficult to become aware of. Energetically the issues remain and the person simply goes into a state of denial about them. The thought is if I do not feel them, then I am clear and I am only love and light.
This is one of the most difficult energies to deal with in a weekend class, because the participant has no awareness of how these buried issues are affecting them and really have no desire to heal them; because in their mind they do not exist; after all if you are completely clear you have nothing to work on. During the class this type of individual normally takes on a role of helping others without really helping him/herself. Along with the help also follows a very strong sense of Judgment of others who do not possess their amount of Love and Light in their mind. It is this judgement of other that keeps the Love and Lighter stuck and unable to progress into some of the deeper states of enlightenment.

I hate loud sounds

One of the most primal methods of healing is simple to let out a good scream, laugh or cry. 
It is through our willingness to express our feelings to the fullest that the deepest healings and spiritual breakthroughs come. In our culture many of us have been programmed not to express ourselves fully. We have our parents programs of " BE Quiet", so in order to be good boys and girls we become more silent. 
This full expression is an amazing healing method, especially for those who have given up their power and lost their voice. One comment I do get in our class is that it is too loud. At time I must agree, however the deep healing that takes place is well worth being uncomfortable for a small amount of time. If one does get uncomfortable it is an excellent opportunity to look and see what feeling are coming up around the sound. It is an excellent opportunity. If one just sits trying to block out the sound they also block the opportunity for a deep healing that might happen for them as well.
We ask you not only to feel, but to express all that is within your heart and soul.

I do not want to be around others who have emotional issues.

The class is designed so that people can feel free to express their feelings. Many times people laugh, cry, and shout. This is the best way to connect to the energy and create dynamic class energy. 
Some of the deepest emotional healings can take place during our class; this may even come from people who have never expressed their emotion. Once a person comes in and starts to feel as if they have no emotional issues the judgment of others begins and then others pick up on this attitude and then feel uncomfortable to express their own feelings, thus putting a huge block into the group energy process.

I am a teacher of many different methods and just would like to check out the class.
Full participation is required to get the most out of the class. People coming to just check it out rarely get much from the class. We have had many well know teachers of different modalities attend our classes and many of them do not get an Initiation. The reason being that they are still so focused on being a teacher and being stuck on their own methods. It is best to come into the class with an open heart and mind and experience the class as a participant for the first time. This is very difficult for many teachers, especially if they have brought some of their students. The class requires one to open up and show your vulnerability.


So... why don't you try it? :-)

-Even tho there is fear that I've come back and things will be the same. I know that is impossible. I definitely am changed. And I know there is still much to be worked done as well. That was only the beginning. I tell myself to trust my feelings. Even the ones that are hard. I will only be better for that. Thank you for your guidance.

Pura Vida, Princess.

The energy is still working in me. Being in Austria and running all day I get heavy waves of energy combined with a racing heart once I go to bed and try to rest.

We had a really wonderful All-Love class in The Netherlands with Michael Heemskerk. Very deep emotional healings, past life regressions, heart openings, emotional re-connections and just, tenderness and light!

Thank you all, All love!

El taller All-Love con Michael Heemskerk en Holanda ha sido realmente maravilloso. Sanaciones emocionales muy profundas, regresiones a vidas pasadas, aperturas del corazón, reconexiones emocionales y simplemente ..... luz, ternura y amor en abundancia!

Gracias a todos/as, All-Love!

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